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One of the main concerns that new online casino players have is that downloading an online casino requires technical know-how, or that you could get a virus etc. Here we address those concerns, outline how to download casino and take a look at some of the other ways you can play online. 

    In this article you will find
  • Software concerns
  • Download process
  • Instant play
  • Mobile gaming

Common concerns

Some common misconceptions about downloading casino software include:

''It will give my computer a virus'' 

''Don't I have to pay for the software''

''Someone will be able to see my personal information and sell it to marketers''

While these are all legitimate concerns, none of them are true. Downloading casinos software is always free first of all. If you find one that asks you to pay for it, its a 100% scam and we know of none that have done this. Secondly, the casino software is always virus free and will in no way harm your computer. Casinos want you to play on their sites to be able to make money. Why would they want to ruin your computer so you can’t play?

The last misconception is also a real concern. However, the casinos software comes with the highest security standard and is very strict about protecting your information. So now that you know there is nothing to be scared of, let’s get started on how to download the software and explain other ways to play online casino games.

Software download 

First you click the install or play now button on the site of your choice. Once you do this, the software (.exe file) will begin to download and all you need to do is follow some simple step by step instructions. It’s really an easy process and should only take a few minutes.

Spin Palace Download Software:

Once installed, you can launch the software right from your desktop or wherever the file is saved, and the casino will open up. You are now ready to begin playing. All you need to do is fill in your information and register an account. Again, your personal information is 100% safe and secure. It’s no different than shopping at Amazon or other major online stores where you enter credit card and personal information.

Instant play 

If you are still a little wary of downloading software there are other options. Most casinos now also offer what’s called a flash version of their casino. This is a no download program that you can play right from your internet browser (i.e. Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc...).

There is no need to download one piece of software other than maybe the latest Java or Adobe software that is in all likelihood already on your computer. This is a great way for those who use Macs or prefer not having to download software.

Mobile gaming 

Other ways to play are what’s called mobile applications. Most casinos are now offering their services to users with iPhone Android and other smart phone devices. Now you can play directly from your iPad or other tablet device anywhere you are in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

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